We Are Triform Capital

We work towards the highest level of integrity and consider all aspects of how our investments impact
society and the world.

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What is Socio-ethical investing?

There are many types of investing that stake a claim to be socially responsible or ethical in nature. These investments may either be environmentally friendly, support the protection of workers human rights, or be based on the health of individuals...

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Triform Capital Philanthropy

Philanthropy is at the heart and foundation of Triform Capital. Our first level of donation is 12% of net income, which we give to non-profit organizations that meet strict accountability standards. Our focus of philanthropic interest is specifically in spiritually...

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While many firms claim to be socially responsible, do they have a philosophical approach? Here we articulate our concept of economic investment from a socially-inclusive perspective. We are proud of our apolitical mindset that listens to multi-faceted perspectives without judgement, always looking for common ground.