About Triform Capital

Daniel Perez is the founder of Triform Capital, and has a background as a computer scientist, entrepreneur and investor with experience in real estate, futures markets and securities trading. A computer engineer by education, he has held a Top-Secret clearance for 12 years working on U.S. intelligence for the NRO, where he developed insights into big data and artificial intelligence. He took an interest in the securities markets during the financial collapse of 2008, where he correctly predicted the start of the new bull market in the spring of 2009. Daniel developed his own algorithmic trading system and launched a small trading venture in 2010.

As a computer scientist Daniel leads an engineering team in Boston in cloud computing for redundant and fault-tolerant systems. Daniel is a philanthropist and has been a board member on a number of non-profit boards including the Lexington Waldorf School, the Pine Hill Waldorf School, and the Center for Anthrophosophy. Daniel is published in several philosophical journals and occasionally lectures on the Threefold Social Order, a system for renewal of society in culture, civil rights, and economic domains.

While many firms claim to be socially responsible, do they have a philosophical approach? Here we articulate our concept of economic investment from a socially-inclusive perspective. We are proud of our apolitical mindset that listens to multi-faceted perspectives without judgement, always looking for common ground.