Triform Capital Philanthropy

Philanthropy is at the heart and foundation of Triform Capital. Our first level of donation is 12% of net income, which we give to non-profit organizations that meet strict accountability standards. Our focus of philanthropic interest is specifically in spiritually centered and spiritual-scientific organizations that help in education, farming, special needs and other ethical and socially responsible areas of the cultural domain.

We have an increasing scale of donation from this first 12% baseline level, with the goal being to meet the base salary needs of our employees without excesses. We therefore cap the highest salary in our organization at 7 times the lowest full-time employee salary. If that sounds high, then consider that most industries, especially finance salaries, have a gap from lowest to highest of 400 times or more, as documented in countless studies. The figure we chose was based on the need for attracting professional talent, but without making any employee wealthy in the process. In this way we aim to attract like-minded philanthropists and idealists.

The increasing scale of donation given out by Triform Capital is based on the AUM (assets under management). For each one million dollars in AUM we add 1% of philanthropic donation, up to a maximum of 77% (equivalent of $77 million dollars of AUM). At this point we will align with the top-rated charity organizations, without even taking a dime in donations!

We achieve this exceptional level of philanthropy, where funding moves from the Economic domain of society into the Cultural, by giving back to the public what is extracted from them every day as part of the capital flows in our financial systems. The financial system is complicated and regulated in a way that rewards insiders. We have discovered how to remain independent while also benefiting from these insider rewards. This is not easily achieved but is part of our passion towards support for ideas like the Threefold Social Order.

While many firms claim to be socially responsible, do they have a philosophical approach? Here we articulate our concept of economic investment from a socially-inclusive perspective. We are proud of our apolitical mindset that listens to multi-faceted perspectives without judgement, always looking for common ground.